Traveling with Via Rail, the easy way.

I had the pleasure of attending a social media conference this past weekend in Mississauga. I had the pleasure of traveling with Via Rail in business class. via-rail-logoMany of you may not know but I am a nervous flyer. As a result I love road trips. I also love the train. I’ve only taken it three times and never business class.   There is something so relaxing about seeing the gorgeous Canadian countryside fly by out your window. Especially in the Fall. I arrived at the train station early. The sun wasn’t even up yet.  I  sat in the business lounge and watched as the morning slowly woke up.

imageI too slowly woke up,  of course with the complimentary coffee.

imageMy friend Fariha @CanadianMomEh arrived not long after me.  Soon it as time to board the train so we headed outside.

imageThe lovely @CanadianMomEhimageLeaving home in style.

imageThe start to a beautiful day.

Off we went, Toronto bound.  It looked like a non stop painting, vibrant hues of red, orange, brown, green, just stunning. On the way there the sky was so blue, it just made for a perfect trip. The food was delicious, the coffee was wonderful, and our porter Yvon was amazing. He was polite, smiley, with just the right sense of humour.   Leaving early in the morning it was really lovely having someone like Yvon on for the ride.

imageOur healthy breakfast and I have to say the oatmeal was really good.  I’m pretty finicky when it comes to oatmeal, no one can make it the way I like.  Via Rail did a really good job.

With the wonderful company of my friend Fariha from CanadianMomEH, the conversation flowed like wine. We laughed and giggled, we took pictures, and just enjoyed the time spent not worrying about traffic or any other of the headaches you can run into on road trips. I love road trips, but this was such an easy way to travel. While on the train I realized that I have driven across Canada several times, I’ve flown, but I have never taken the train. It would be a memorable trip to take the train from coast to coast and blog about it!

  Going home with Via Rail was the perfect choice.  Starting off with an iced tea, compliments of the Via Business Lounge in Union Station.


imageOr maybe a nice seat in these comfy chairs.

imageSoon we were homeward bound.  Our conference was amazing, so much to learn and think about.  We chatted with friends online thanks to the free wifi offered by Via.  The weather was rainy and cloudy on the way home but somehow it didn’t affect any of the beauty of Canada as we sped by.


imageI even got to have a little fun after and ios update on the weekend, playing around with some of the effects.  I love this one.


Lunch was superb.  I had the Coconut Crusted Tilapia served with a mango, cilantro and onion salsa, Château potatoes, carrots and fine green beans. 

Fariha enjoyed the Jumbo Pasta Shells, stuffed with Ricotta cheese and Portobello mushrooms, served in an Alfredo sauce.

Then of course there was this beauty.  A bit of dark chocolate to enjoy with my coffee.


It reminded me of my weekend and of life.  How sweet things are if you really look hard enough and open yourself up them.

Thank you Via Rail for the sweet trip.  You may just catch me browsing Via Destinations Magazine for my next trip!

Stay Positive and Pampered.



Disclosure:  This trip was sponsored by Via Rail, however all opinions are positively 100% my own


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