Clean Eating Dutch Baby Blueberry Pancake #Cbias

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Blueberries and pancakes.  Have you ever heard of a Dutch baby pancake?  I haven’t.  I cannot believe I never tried this before.
This post was a fun one.  I got to pick out anything I wanted from the Pinterest board for CB Socially and try it.  I chose a recipe and since it’s blueberry season, it’s a Dutch Baby blueberry pancake recipe.  You can check out all the different ideas I got to browse here
How fun is that?  Go on and check out their Pinterest boards, you are sure to find something interesting to try.
I love the idea of making a huge pancake in the oven.  I do love to cook pancakes, but it’s a long process.  I love the idea of making a clean version.  This recipe was a good one.  I did change a few things and it turned out better than I expected it to.
Off to Walmart I went.  You can eat clean and shop at Walmart.  You just need to really read the ingredients and of course stick to as much fresh produce as possible.
You can check out my shopping pictures here.
Once I arrived back home it was time to get cooking.
I prepared everything ahead of time that I would be using.  It really helps when you are following a recipe.  I don’t always follow recipes, I add as I go and I did do that this time too.  Just a little.
Clean Eating Dutch Baby Pancake #shop
Everything went into my Vitamix.
I had already preheated the oven to 425.
I picked stoneware to cook this Dutch Baby in.  The recipe does call for cast iron but I wanted to try my stoneware.
It came out perfect but needed a topping.
My diversion from this recipe was to find something that could be sprinkled on top.  I don’t eat sugar so the powdered sugar that most recipes call for was not an option.
In my Google + Album you can see I found fresh coconut.  Yes, at Walmart, already ready to use.  I shredded the coconut using two microplane graters.  I wanted fine coconut to mimic the texture of powdered sugar, but I also wanted a little more coarse coconut too.
I added them to a sauté pan and toasted them.  Once they were a little more dry I added some pure maple syrup.  I have to say this was my favourite part.
It was sinfully good.  I had my topping for my Dutch Baby.
My kids ate the first large one that came out of the oven for supper.  My son said it was the best pancake ever.
I wanted to try single servings so I made a double batch to make mini Dutch Babies.   I used my stoneware muffin pan.   I’m so in love with how they turned out.

Both of these cooked for 25 minutes.
Instead of using butter in the recipe I opted for coconut oil.
I popped these out of the muffin pan to cool down.
Healthy and clean.
Bon Apetit.
Stay Positive and Pampered.


  1. says

    My mouth is watering! I made something called CAKE for Breakfast which is essentially this – a pancake cake – I love your idea to use muffin cups! Brilliant! Guess what I’m making this morning?!

  2. says

    OMGosh Patty my mouth is literally drooling over your pictures, I so *WANT* lol! I love how you chose to use coconut instead of powdered sugar. I’m not the biggest fan of powdered sugar, so will have to definitely remember to try coconut next time I need a substitute, thanks so much for that tip! :D

  3. Amber says

    love these! I think I like the individual portions of these Dutch Babies. I also really love how you made the recipe “clean”. Can’t wait to try it!

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