Clean Eating Black Bean Hummus

In my pantry I have all kinds of dried beans.  I don’t eat any canned food anymore since I began clean eating last November.  I try as hard as I can to make everything from scratch.  Beans are so easy to cook, you can use them in so many recipes.  And they are really good for you.  Of course not in excess right?  You know the saying?  Beans, beans are good for your heart….

Today I was in the mood for hummus.  I wanted to make a clean eating black bean hummus. I rinsed and cooked the beans according to the directions.  You can soak them overnight too if you prefer to but I wanted to get started.
Once cooked I rinsed them in cold water and drained them.  For this recipe I used 4 cups of the cooked black beans.
I never really follow recipes and prefer to add things according to taste.
I added the beans to my Vitamix.  Have I mentioned how much I love that thing?
Next was 3 cloves of freshly pressed garlic.
One whole freshly squeezed lemon.  One little freshly squeezed lime.
One cup of tahini.  I really like Fair Trade Organic Tahini.
4 teaspoons of Three Farmers Camelina oil.  I could have used olive oil but I wanted to try the recipe with this oil.   Support your local Canadian business when you can.
My last mason jar of roasted red peppers made from my friend Keri.
( hint hint Ker I need some more.  Could be an August thing we could do?)
Salt and pepper.  I love these instant grinders from Windsor salt.  They are wonderful.  I took them to the cottage on our vacation, and they would be a great asset for camping.
I added all the ingredients, next was Vitamix time.  In a few minutes I had the most delicious black bean hummus.
We tasted it and it was missing a little something.  I added a 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar then blended it again.
Perfection.  What’s even better is that my kids loved it!
Bon Apetit.

 Stay Positive and Pampered,




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