Positively Fabulous Gift Pack from #Milkbone & She’s Connected

I am a dog lover through and through. It’s why I applied for the Milkbone ambassadorship with She’s Connected .  Our dog  Sooky is a big girl, she is part Bernese Mountain dog and part Great Pyrenees. She is a little over a hundred pounds. Ever since she was a puppy, her treats have been Milkbone.

Baby Sooky Two years ago.

We love that Milkbone has come out with a new line called Healthy Favorites, we have already tried them with Sooky as you will see.   She loved them.

She is not the only one of our dogs who loved Milkbone.  Ella our beautiful Newfoundland dog, who we lost this past February was a fan of Milkbone treats too.  I would have loved to share these with her.


 I am happy to say that this week we will be fostering another big Newfoundland girl to see how it goes.  Her name is Peanut ( terrible name for a big majestic dog)  So I am pretty excited I will have new treats to share with her. My fingers are crossed that all goes well and the fostering will turn into an adoption.

Here is Sookie trying out the Milkbone Healthy Favorites for the first time.   She makes me laugh, you can see her lick her lips several times in the video.

Healthy Favorites are sure to be a hit with your dogs too.  I plan on passing some of my boxes to the rescue I volunteer with.  Milkbone was generous to send me so many and one of my readers will be lucky enough to receive the same package valued at $50.  Can you believe this company has been around since 1908?  That is quite the history of treats for a lot of dogs over the years.

Well for us I think we would rate the new line with an A+.  Sooky loved all four kinds.

Healthy Favorites Chewy Treat with real beef

Healthy Favorites Granola Biscuits with real beef

Healthy Favorites Chewy Treats with real chicken

Helathy Favorites Granola Biscuits with real chicken

Between you and me,  Sooky  loved the chewy best of all.

If your a dog lover you will wan to visit Milkbone Facebook page for some great tips, and cute pup stories.  If you would like to win the same awesome prize pack I received just enter below.

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Stay Positive and Pampered.  We all need to be pampered, even our pets.

Is my modelling gig over yet?  I’m tired.



Disclosure: I am participating in the milk Bone Blogger outreach program by ShesConnected I received a supply of products and compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.



    • Patty says

      lol Sooky is a she. :) She is a good girl, still young so she has some things we need to work on, ( digging holes ) but a good dog. We lost our other dog Molly last year which is why we wanted to get another one. Then we lost Ella too. It’s hard.

    • Patty says

      She was well behaved for the cookies. lol I think she would have done anything for them. Thanks Deanna for stopping by.

  1. says

    Your pup is so cute! My dog looooves Milkbones too! I’ve entered this giveaway, and have sent the link to my best friend who happens to be a veterinarian and dog owner as well! Woo hoo!

    • Patty says

      Hi Ms Key! How is Mr. Lock these days? I am so happy you entered and hope you win, it’s a lot of treats!

    • Patty says

      Hi thank you. Ella was a really special dog, a one in a million. Sooky is a sweetie too, still trouble on some days. lol

  2. Glogirl says

    Great photo! I’d love to win this for my sister-in-law’s two dogs-Kimber and Koffee. The dogs would love these treats!

  3. Tammy says

    Hi gorgeous doggie, thanks for the giveaway , if I win my Harley will sure enjoy all those treats!

    dalleykt at live dot ca

  4. Brenda Penton says

    Sooky is beautiful! When I was younger we had a pup named Daisy that we nicked named Sooky Baby. I’m sorry for the loss of Ella, she was also beautiful.

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