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Recently I was given the opportunity to learn about a recipe organizer called Cook’n.  I was interested because one of the things I really love to do is cook.  Now I was never a good cook, my mom cooked most of her food with two spices called salt and pepper.  She was a good baker though.  I have some of her recipes but have yet to try them.

For the last 6 years I have been a consultant with Pampered Chef and that has taught me so much.  I have to say my husband is much happier.  For me learning to cook, and teaching my kids to cook healthy foods is a joy.  Just don’t ask me to bake.  I will do it but it’s not my favorite.

In our house I am the cook and my husband is the baker.  It works well.  I really liked the idea of Cook’n because my husband is forever on the internet looking up recipes, then he bookmarks them, forgets about them, or he prints them.  Now I don’t know about you, but loose paper in our house seems to get eaten.  Same thing with socks, but we are talking about the kitchen today and not the laundry.  Oh don’t get me started on laundry with 4 kids.

So here is essentially what Cook’n is.  A recipe organizer where you can search and store all the best recipes you find on the internet.  A place where you can add your own family recipes, you can even create a beautiful family recipes cookbook. I have my moms best baking recipes for pies, peanut butter cookies, shortbread, this is where I could print a family cookbook for my brothers, sister, and my own children as a special gift.

There are many more features in this software too.  You can share your recipes, plan your menu for the week, make a shopping list of the menu you chose which makes shopping a breeze, you can also analyze the nutritional value of the recipes your using.  For me since I am on a journey to #FitNFirm that is perfect.  One of the features I really like is that I can edit the recipes for a serving of 6, it will recalculate everything.   If I am having friends over for dinner I can change that serving to 12 and it recalculates what I need.

I also love that I can search by the Cookn’n search bar, when I find a recipe I like I simply hit capture and the recipe is added.  It also leaves a link back to the original recipe in case I need it for future reference.   Now lets say I have chicken in the freezer, and shrimp.  I can add those ingredients and then search, it will look for recipes that have both which cuts down on the search time.  With my luck Pad Thai will come up.  :)

Oh and you already get a cookbook with lots of recipes to start with.   It is also compatible with not only PC but Macs as well.  The company is also working on  apps for iphone, ipad, and android.   All in all it’s a pretty cool software that I am enjoying.  It makes things easier for me and really cuts down on the clutter.

I have a lot of cookbooks and I am not looking for anymore, I would much rather enjoy what I have, and if I want something new well I just have to browse the internet and add them to my Cook’n library.  The generous people at Cook’n have offered an extra software for me to giveaway.

I will be hosting  a weekly recipe over at Canadian Moms and I would love for you to join me there.  I will have the giveaway posted there to introduce the new weekly gig.  I plan on posting some cooking videos too which should be fun.  If you are interested in winning your own Cook’n software come on over to Canadian Moms Online and enter to win.

Stay Positive, Pampered and get cooking!


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  1. says

    Boy this looks like it would be handy. My mom has tonnes, stacks and stacks or cook books and recipes. she always asks me if I want them. I just do not have that kind of room lol

    • Patty says

      Hi Amanda!

      Thanks for the comment, I put the rafflecopter form here too, my bad. First time using it! Good Luck!

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